How To Make Your Own Snowman Face Ornament

In preparation for an event at my son's school, I decided to practice in advance making an easy-to-do ornament. This was my first attempt at these ornaments; I have to say they turned out cute!

Materials needed:

wood slice (about 3" diameter)

white paint

orange felt

black felt

mini black pom poms

jute, twine, or ribbon

Tools needed:

paint brush



drill and drill bit (or ask a neighbor to borrow theirs!)

Adorable snowman ornament

Step 1: Acquire some plain log slices. Luckily for you, I have sets of 10 available in my Etsy shop. Mine are made of Minnesota birch and have been oven dried. 

Step 2: Drill a hole in wood slice.

Step 3: Paint your wood slice white. I used just general purpose white acrylic paint.

Step 4: While paint is drying, cut a hat shape out of black (or any color you desire) felt. The easiest way for me to do this was fold a small piece of felt in half, then cut out half of the hat shape. Upon unfolding it, I had an even hat. I made small adjustments as necessary.

Black piece of felt

Step Five: While white paint is drying, cut out a carrot shape out of orange felt. This doesn't have to be perfect.

Step Six: Cut a piece of jute (also known as twine) approximately 12" long, fold in half, and loop through the hole in the top of the snowman's head.

Step Seven: Using Elmer's glue, attach the hat and carrot nose to the dried ornament. You could also use wood glue or a hot glue gun (kids should have their parents assist with both of these options).

Step Eight: Place drops of glue where you want the eyes and mouth to go. 

Step Nine: Place black mini puff balls (I found a pack of 100 at JoAnn Fabrics for a buck or two) on each drop of glue.

Step Ten: Let it all dry while drinking hot cocoa and listening to Bing Crosby. :)

Other variations:

I also made a snowman face using paint for the carrot and coal:

And I did another one with a different colored hat (with a "ribbon") and using felt squares as the coal:

I attempted to use painted uber-miniature log slices for coal, but they were still way too big. I also contemplated using a broken off piece of stick for the nose, and I also thought it'd be fun to put another piece of felt at the bottom in the shape of a scarf. I ran out of time and decided against it!

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--Margie (Owner and Artist at Log Slices By Margie)

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