Wood Slice Chalkboard - chalkboard Paint Log Slice Ornament- BLANK


Use this BLANK chalkboard ornament on your tree, door knob, gifts, or anywhere else that needs some customization! It's a fun little way to add a bit of rustic chic to your home this holiday season, or for any time during the year! Each wood slice has been dried and lightly sanded.

Use on...
- Christmas trees
- Gift boxes
- Door knobs
- Backpacks
- Wedding decor
- Wreaths
- Laundry rooms

Available individually or as a set of three. Each ornament measures approximately 3" diameter.

*This is for the purchase of a BLANK chalkboard ornament, not the colored ones (which are available for purchase separately).


Make sure you prep the chalkboard paint! Rub white chalk all over it, then wipe it off before writing on your ornament. If you don't, whatever you write will leave a "shadow" of what was written. It's also suggested you use only regular chalk, and not those nifty bistro pens. I learned the hard way that the bistro chalk pens do NOT come off neatly, even if you prep the chalkboard paint.

Measurements are within a reasonable variance of what is stated. For more information, please e-mail, message, or call me.

Each item is handcrafted by me. Because of this, slight differences might exist between what is pictured and what you receive. In addition, because nature is completely unpredictable (despite what meteorologists suggest), the wood may crack or change in time, or it might be slightly different than what is pictured. Embrace the uniqueness of your newly purchased item! ---Margie


Buyers must pay for orders and shipping at time of purchase. Buyers have 24 hours to cancel any custom order. No returns on custom orders.

Shipping from United States

If buying multiple items, the shipping can add up quickly. Please contact me BEFORE you place your order so we can make sure it's an accurate total or to arrange shipping refunds.

Shipping internationally is available, but please contact Margie before purchase to determine costs. Buyer will pay for all shipping, plus any customs or extra tax fees.


Stock items have a 14-day return policy.

CUSTOM ORDERS ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS ON CUSTOM ORDERS, but I will do everything I can to make sure you know exactly what you are getting before you get it.


Log Slices by Margie is pleased to offer custom orders. Please contact Margie at Margie.Overhauser[at]gmail.com for pricing and information. No refunds on custom orders, but I will work with you in advance to make sure you know exactly what you are getting and that you will be pleased.

While I make great efforts to provide consistency with these products, due to the unique nature of the wood there will be some variances. Knots, cracking, slight imperfections in woodburning/painting/staining, diameter, thickness, and materials are all subject to variations. Log Slices by Margie will make every effort to ensure you are satisfied with your order.

Log Slices by Margie offers wood from Minnesota, Texas, and Washington.

Each slice is dried in my oven to help delay (or possibly prevent) cracking or warping. This process is NOT foolproof, however, and items still may crack or warp in the future. It is suggested that you avoid extreme temperature changes and don’t store items (such as coasters) near your fire place. I learned this the hard way.

Please find me on Facebook for more photos and contact information. Thanks for shopping!

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